Generate Electricity – Using the Natural Gas Expansion Turbine

With the gas expansion turbine, electricity can be generated directly in the gas pressure regulating station. Thereby the turbine has no influence on the output pressure – this remains constant.

 No preheating of the gas resp. cooling of the generator necessary

 Simple power generation

 DN 400 / PN 16
Connections according to customer requirements

 Volume flow: 1500–8000 Nm³/h

 Electrical power: 15-30 kW

 Pressure loss: 0.5–1.5 bar

 Temperature drop: 5–10 °C

Technical Design

 The turbine is individually designed for the respective operating conditions in order to generate as much electricity as possible.


The turbine is arranged as a complete unit behind the gas pressure regulator. This has its measuring pulse connection behind the expansion turbine; so the outlet pressure is kept constant.

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