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Ethylene (Ethene) / Propylene (Propene)

Innovative Solutions

An important part of the chemical industry comprises chemical products produced from natural gas or mineral oil, whereby production of the various base materials and their distribution requires a high commitment in terms of logistics and the deployment of advanced technology.

Ethylene and propylene are produced commercially in large quantities by means of steam cracking of a large variety of carbohydrates, and they form the base chemicals for the production of the primary daughter products.

The distribution, for example between the various chemical production sites, and between producers and consumers, is complex and is carried out through specialist pipeline systems and monitoring stations.

RAV Armaturen fittings are in use around the world and offer the operators of ethylene and propylene pipelines and systems innovative solutions for safe transportation.

RAV Products in Focus

RAV ball valves have been developed in collaboration with international operators of ethylene and propylene pipelines and are constantly modernized in accordance with the latest state of technology. They meet all requirements, conform to international standards and are continuously tested and monitored by independent institutes and authorized inspection representatives.

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