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Automated Transport

Are pipelines for the transport of petroleum or natural gas the lifelines of our society? As concerns ethylene (ethene) or district heating, just two of many examples, pipelines can certainly be called lifelines.

Pipelines can run both over land and under water on ocean floors.

The advantages of pipelines, in comparison to other means of transport, are reliability, independence from weather conditions as well as independent, automated infrastructures.

With remote-controlled systems, the fluid in a pipeline network can be transported to various destinations or interrupted, if need be.

RAV Products in Focus

RAV ball valves fully meet special requirements, are in operation throughout the world and – thanks to innovative, modern RAV technology – can be perfectly integrated into every project.

Hydraulic, pneumatic or electric actuators are available as options for automated transport.

Controlled Safety

Owing to the extremely high pressure levels that are maintained in pipelines, both ecological and safety considerations must be taken into account. The requirements on the materials used are very high and so only modern, high-tech products can be used in pipelines. These products are extensively tested and internationally certified.

RAV ball valves completely meet these extreme requirements and are in operation throughout the world. For example, in the Gazprom project in the Baltic Sea.

Owing to international specifications and safety requirements, valves for such projects are manufactured exclusively according to innovative concepts. Safety and proper functioning must be ensured at all times. Even in extreme situations.

RAV Products in Focus

RAV fully-welded fire-safe ball valves are internationally certified and perfectly suited to even the most demanding projects.

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