RAV Ball Valves – Reliable and Safe

General Certifications

RAV Armaturen – Quality, reliability and a high degree of safety – ball valves manufactured within a quality assurance system conforming to the requirements of international standards and approvals.

 DIN EN ISO 9001


 AD HP 0


(German Air Pollution Regulations)

Gases and Dangerous Liquids

RAV ball valves for gases and hazardous liquids are component checked by RWTÜV – in conformity with the VdTÜV information sheet ”Armatur 100”.

VdTÜV component certification confirms that the ball valves meet the standards:

 DIN 3230, part 5

 DIN 3230, part 6

Fire-Safe Ball Valves

In emergencies, RAV fire-safe ball valves guarantee reliable function even at temperatures above +650 °C. These ball valves are designed in such a way that the metal sealing seats – enhanced by heat-resistant sealing materials – provide an emergency seal. They have been tested at an independent test institute and may be described as ”fire-safe”.

Fire-Safe Ball Valves
meet the requirements of:

 BS 6755


Fully-Welded Ball Valves

RAV fully-welded ball valves guarantee extremely high reliability with a very long service life – they are exceedingly reliable and absolutely maintenance-free.


 Fully-welded housing

Sealing systems (optional)


 Primary metallic sealing – secondary soft-sealing

 Purely metallic sealing

Nominal Widths

 DN 15–1400 mm; 1/2 to 56 inches

 Larger nominal widths on request

Pressure Levels

 PN 10–420

 ANSI Class 150–2500

Temperature ranges

 –50 °C to +280 °C

 Other temperatures on request
(min. –60 °C, max. +500 °C)

Please inquire about fully-welded ball valves designed to meet particular customer wishes or existing design plans.

RAV fully-welded ball valves meet all of the following approval guidelines and standards:

 DIN EN ISO 9001


 AD HP 0 (TÜV)


(German Air Pollution Regulations)



 EN 13774

 EN 14141

 ATEX 94/9/EG

 CS51 Canada


 BS 5351

 BAM (type approvals)

 Type approvals (VdTÜV)


Fire-Safe according to:
 BS 6755


Welding Procedure Qualification:

 DIN EN ISO 3834-3729

 AD-HP 2/1 (TÜV)

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