Application Areas for
Fully-Welded Ball Valves

 Oil, gas and product pipelines

 Compressors, measuring and control stations

 Gas storage facilities

 Plants for the oil, gas and petrochemical industries

 Liquefied gas

 On/offshore platforms

 Ship construction

 Power stations

 District heating/steam

 Pig trap stations

 Special applications

Fully-Welded Ball Valves

RAV fully-welded ball valves guarantee maximum reliability and, based-on experience, a very long service life.

The ball valves are extremely reliable, absolutely maintenance-free and are particularly suited for applications in enclosed pipeline systems.

RAV ball valves meet all of the important approval guidelines and standards!

In general, RAV ball valves are manufactured for extreme requirements – as series product, as special series as well as special productions at the customer’s request.

Construction Characteristics

 Fully welded housing

 Trunnion mounted ball

 Spring-loaded seat rings

 Metallic or soft seals

 ”Double Block and Bleed”-version

 Full or reduced bore

 Flanged, welded or threaded connections

 Blow-out proof shaft

 Shaft seals replaceable under full pressure in open and closed position

 No static charging

 Maintenance-free bearings


 Injection of a sealant for emergency sealing

 Shaft extension

 Pipe extensions for drainage, venting and emergency sealing

 Special coatings

 Ball valves for underground installation

 Bypass directly on the ball valve


We will be pleased to send you other designs and the detailed design properties on request!

Special Requirements

Gases and Dangerous Liquids

Fully-welded RAV ball valves for the transportation of gases and hazardous liquids are component-tested by RWTÜV: with the right selection of suitable materials for housing, ball and seals, they are deployed for all media in these application ranges.

Fire-Safe Ball Valves

In emergencies, RAV fire-safe ball valves guarantee reliable function even at temperatures above +650 °C. The emergency seal of these ball valves is provided by their special design and the use of special materials.

The special sealing systems

Sealing systems in the channel

Fully-welded RAV ball valves from a nominal diameter of DN 25 are equipped, as a standard, with spring-supported seat rings which ensure a tight seal even at the lowest pipeline pressures. The contact pressure of the seals is supported by the sealing ring design from the pipeline pressure and increases in proportion to the operating pressure.

Depending on the application optionally various sealing systems are available:

 Soft seal

 Primary metallic seal – secondary soft seal

 Purely metallic seal

Double Block and Bleed

The pressure release of the cavity is achieved by means of a venting joint. By means of the seat ring on the upstream and the downstream sides, the tight seal of the cavity is ensured both for the open and the closed valve. Therefore is it possible to test the tightness of the ball valve for the cavity under operating pressure.

Self-Venting Seat Ring

If a non-permitted overpressure occurs in the cavity, the seat ring design effects automatic release into the pipeline.

Double-Acting Seat Ring System

In this design, successive seat rings seal on the upstream and the downstream side. The cavity is not released automatically. By pressurising the cavity, proof of tightness in the open and the closed position can be obtained.

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